At North Mead Primary Academy we teach art, DT, geography and history predominantly through our own topic themed curriculum. Each year group in KS1 and KS2 has two eight-week topics across the year. These fit alongside the science and RE blocks.

Here are the topics and what subjects need to be covered in them:ArtDTGeographyHistoryRE
Y1 – The Gruffalo
Y1 – Peepo!
Y1 – George Saves the World by Lunchtime
Y1 – Stanley Stick
Y1 – Haseen and Aneesa Love Ramadam
Y1 – Rama and Sita
Y2 – Man on the Moon
Y2 – The Baker’s Boy and the Great Fire of London
Y2 – Macbeth
Y2 – Chopsticks
Y2 – Found
Y2 – Festivals and Celebrations
Y3 – Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
Y3 – Escape from Pompeii
Y3 – Stone Age Boy
Y3 – Outlaw
Y3 – Hindu Stories
Y3 – Our House is on Fire
Y4 – The Butterfly Lion
Y4 – Escape from Rome
Y4 – The Iron Man
Y4 – Harry Potter
Y4 – We are Sikhs
Y4 – Marli’s Tangled Tale
Y5 – Percy Jackson
Y5 – How to be a Pirate
Y5 – The Great Kapok Tree
Y5 – Stormbreaker
Y5 – The Good Samaritan
Y5 – Grandad’s Island
Y6 – The Red Pyramid
Y6 – War Horse
Y6 – Fantastic Beasts
Y6 – Seasons of Splendour
Y6 – Planet Omar
Y6 – Azzi in Between


Each topic has key national curriculum objectives that needs to be covered and these are listed on topic MTP. These must be covered in the topic. The rest of the topic is encouraged to be creative and child led.

Our topic curriculum is underpinned by our four curriculum drivers which were chosen in collaboration with staff, children, parents and governors. They reflect what we as a school community believe are important. They are:

  • Awe and Wonder: This driver is important as it is what captures the children interest. It can include trips and visitors but does not always have to be. It could be an object, picture, problem or activity.
  • 6Rs: These should be referred to all the time. There should be a particular focuses so that children understand them more and develop the learning behaviour. Try this in topic – but please don’t over use ‘Risk Taker.’
  • Aspiration: The focus of this driver is to expose children to the wider world (Global Citizenship) and to raise the own expectations of themselves.
  • Inclusion: This driver promotes the whole of society. Topics should reflect all ages, genders, physical abilities etc. Core British Values!

All topics should be cross-curricular and be used to develop the children’s skills across the whole curriculum. Each topic should show evidence of cross-curricular maths, English and ICT and this should be shown in both the planning and evidenced in the children’s books.

We assess all the topic subjects twice a year. There are separate assessment sheets for art, DT, geography and history.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Leader/s