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Returning to school in September 2020


Staggered start and finish times:

To maintain social distancing, there will be staggered start and finish times until further notice.  Please use the one-way system on the playground and come in through the gate marked ‘entrance.’  Parents must stay behind the ball shooters and leave via the gate marked ‘exit.’   The children will be welcomed into school and into their classrooms, washing their hands as they come in.  If your child has a sibling/s, please bring them in at the earliest time, and we will look after them until it is time to go in!

NEMiss Edwards08:40 – Start

15:05 – Home

(Nursery 11.45 – Home)

RBDMrs Buxton & Mrs Dawson
RSMrs Sharma
1NMrs Nocton08:40 – Start

15:05 – Home

1RMs Reid
2AMrs Adatia08:50 – Start

15:15 – Home

2MLMrs Mulla and Mrs Ludlam
3HWMrs Harris-Wakelam08:50 – Start

15:15 – Home

3PMrs Pattni
4SMrs Simpkin09:00 – Start

15:25 – Home

4TMs Taylor
5JMiss Jennings09:00 – Start

15:25 – Home

5SMrs Sattar
6HMiss Holland8:30 – Start

14:55 – Home

6MMiss Modhwadia
6WSMr Wharin & Mr Smart


Other information:

  • All children must wear school uniform as usual from the start of term.
  • The government has made it clear that children must attend school from September
  • The school kitchen will be open and serving HOT PACKED LUNCHES – click here for more information on school lunches and to view the latest menu.