Welcome To North Mead Primary Academy

As Principal, I would like to welcome you to our Academy. I hope that you will feel North Mead Primary Academy is the Academy you wish to choose for your child. We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at North Mead and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

Ofsted Report now available

North Mead Primary Academy has been judged to be ‘Good’ during an inspection by Ofsted in July 2018.  Please click here to read the full report, and contact the school office if you require a paper copy.

  • Alex Curran, Principal
  • Ben Burpitt, Head of School

Academy Tweets

NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This child in RC has been persevering with their reading skills. #EYFS #reading #perseverance #enthusiasmhttps://t.co/mwIlTmPuhb 2 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET These children in RC have been impressing Miss Chandarana with their mental maths. #EYFS #maths #enthusiasmhttps://t.co/pKBTvDG27V 2 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4T showing excellent resilient skills as they tackled harder chicken wire creations for our Bradgate Park display.… https://t.co/OmISwHbyq1 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Every time you spend £30 in Aldi, please ask for a Team GB sticker. The children can place the sticker on the poste… https://t.co/xboDt8FLk2 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1BD have had a great time using all their senses to explore lots of different objects. The children came up with lo… https://t.co/W27nbv28at 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1BD have had a great time using all their senses to explore lots of different objects. The children came up with lo… https://t.co/roMMSyjC82 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 5M have been analysing evidence for the flat Earth vs the spherical Earth theories and they have used scientific ev… https://t.co/lrDwAWfivC 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3C have been finding secret messages around the classroom using a mirror #science #curiosity #enthusiasmhttps://t.co/JXizmVbamz 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Mrs Mulla’s English group have been extremely resilient and cooperative throughout their planning for writing a dis… https://t.co/efRPR0zmvh 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 5M were using their research skills to complete a Greek gods family tree! 🏺 #independence #curiosityhttps://t.co/nPVAQfwd4W 4 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Great start to phonics in RR, the children are showing great resilience when learning their letter sounds and how t… https://t.co/9QnB9qudns 10 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 6H had a brilliant time at the @britishmuseum yesterday. Today they have been use their new knowledge in their topi… https://t.co/K8K0WBqorM 3 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET RT @GetKahoot: @NorthMead_TMET 😁 Your class must have been walking like Egyptians after playing this kahoot! 🎶 3 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET The children have all been to the ballot box today and voted in the Primary Leadership Team elections. Results will… https://t.co/9UWnrCoZyj 3 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 5M were picking out key features of a diary entry, in preparation for their first piece of writing. It's part of th… https://t.co/dBuWlTvp3g 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Zaba had a great trip with Y6 to @britishmuseum today. He has stretched his curiosity, responsibility and friendshi… https://t.co/K1KD1oRneM 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4T have been trying to recreate the amazing Beacon Hill wood carvings out of papier-mâché. #oneleicester #arthttps://t.co/Tl6jDC57i5 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Our Year 5 sports leaders had a fantastic time training to become sports leaders. The day was lead by @leicesterssphttps://t.co/3jtrfCFRri 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4T have been exploring the digestive system using our virtual reality t-shirts. #science #curiosity #enthusiasmhttps://t.co/PWM22c85n9 4 days ago