Welcome To North Mead Primary Academy

As Principal, I would like to welcome you to our Academy. I hope that you will feel North Mead Primary Academy is the Academy you wish to choose for your child. We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at North Mead and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

  • Alex Curran, Executive Principal
  • Ben Burpitt, Principal

Academy Tweets

NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET More from the year 2’s dragon dance this morning! #enrichment #topic #Goodhumour #enthusiasm https://t.co/6tXBSBOx21 9 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET The children in 2VR are showing their #enthusiasm for their Chinese dragon dancing this morning, as part of their… https://t.co/wusZZbPrh8 10 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Miss Kooner is very proud of all the amazing #homework that 3AK have done as part of their Escape from Pompeii… https://t.co/zcqiFiYeWp 1 day ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3HW have used a comic book creator to produce a leaflet for North Mead in their #PSHCE and #computing lessons. They… https://t.co/T0ypjNVAK5 2 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Mr. Tarrat and Mrs. Harris-Wakelam are so proud of our #TeamNorthMead comedians who have made it to the final! The… https://t.co/vXVUIcAQBw 3 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This is exactly why #TeamNorthMead have topic floor books. These year 2 girls were recalling their #geography knowl… https://t.co/0a8QkPhbQD 3 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This week, 4TB planned and delivered their own presentations on the Battle of Bosworth! #RichardIII #bravehttps://t.co/EWQXvQC5N7 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 2JN used the search engine swiggle bot to support their learning about staying safe online #PSHCE #resourcefulhttps://t.co/xBdCjyzIkc 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 6SA had a great time learning all about steel pans and learnt to play together keeping the rhythm and in time.… https://t.co/1aPpruc8VS 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET We had such a wonderful time today during our steel pan workshop. 6AE learnt how to play the steel pans whilst tryi… https://t.co/4M04RyqFQ6 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Year 6 had the most amazing afternoon at Castle Mead with Miss Simpkin. They learnt how to use a sewing machine and… https://t.co/B0od8MeGgD 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET RRP had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of rare and endangered creatures during their Animal Experien… https://t.co/pBs3vHy2WH 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3AK created fact file cards to explain why people live near volcanoes. #topic #geography #fieldwork #tmet https://t.co/HtUUOhtcbY 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET #TeamNorthMead’s football team played well and loved every moment of their @TMETrust Primary premier league games t… https://t.co/1OavlfOCkf 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET In our #Science lesson today, 4TS made predictions about the temperature of things around us before using a thermom… https://t.co/Fn6huHV8R3 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3AK had an incredible experience at the Think Tank Museum Birmingham. We explored the museum and took part in a Roc… https://t.co/KUqyFTQ0oz 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET "Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" Nursery have loved our Gingerbread Man t… https://t.co/PwhoDPojN0 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 6SA have started sewing their head-wraps and are using back-stitch to make them. #concentration #independencehttps://t.co/PwZBM3ZoYt 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3HW are being very scientific at The Think Tank. We have sorted rocks and minerals using a classification grid and… https://t.co/qlVyVCJY9H 1 week ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This week, 4TB have been using a thermometer to test how temperate changes! #statesofmatter #science #readyhttps://t.co/hkQdN2rnnd 1 week ago
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