Welcome To North Mead Primary Academy

As Principal, I would like to welcome you to our Academy. I hope that you will feel North Mead Primary Academy is the Academy you wish to choose for your child. We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at North Mead and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

Ofsted Report now available

North Mead Primary Academy has been judged to be ‘Good’ during an inspection by Ofsted in July 2018.  Please click here to read the full report, and contact the school office if you require a paper copy.

  • Alex Curran, Principal
  • Ben Burpitt, Head of School

Academy Tweets

NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Well done to these Rock Stars who have shown their perseverance and enthusiasm muscles while competing on… https://t.co/uCzw9XqGFL 34 minutes ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This week’s topic in RC is #StickMan. They have listened to the story read by Mrs Reid: https://t.co/HlVySA5gyH and… https://t.co/O8UUAd8OR0 38 minutes ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This child in 5J has been resourceful for his #HowtobeaPirate homework by making a Viking shield out of an old fan… https://t.co/GIYETUSZKj 24 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4T are busy preparing for their #RomanQuests assembly next week. #history #creativity #enthusiasm #cooperationhttps://t.co/lh7w7dUNah 24 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Mrs Mulla’s English group are very enthusiastic about their #WarHorse topic. This morning they have been reflecting… https://t.co/FeJUw8NGRP 1 day ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4WO are hard at work learning and revising all of their times tables. #maths #perseverance #concentrationhttps://t.co/bqmJtOVXZd 1 day ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Newarke Houses Museum this afternoon. They visited the trenches and gathered lots of infor… https://t.co/ipUXHVq4ea 2 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 2A have used @Popplet to show their knowledge of The Great Fire of London. They are really enthusiastic about their… https://t.co/9qBUzxC9Hh 2 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET RR have loved making their own ‘stick characters’ as part of their #StickMan topic. They are enjoying retelling the… https://t.co/d7EPRITkts 2 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4WO have been fascinated learning about Roman gods and goddesses in their new topic #RomanQuests. #historyhttps://t.co/JF4OuktF3G 2 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET As part of our Reducing Waste project with our partner school in Nepal, 2A have been looking around the school grou… https://t.co/ENtQz1G7xs 2 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET We have been raising money for #ChildrenInNeed2019  today by coming to school in our pyjamas and spotty clothes.… https://t.co/FuwUA0c31p 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This week we have been discussing how change starts with us and focusing on our kindness character muscles. We deci… https://t.co/EUgIsWqtFr 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Lots of lovely smiles from 1HW as they recite the poem. @ABAonline #AntiBullyingWeek #tmet https://t.co/mDZMwQYn6h 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET NE have shown their best smiley faces for the poem and then sang their song about friendship. @ABAonlinehttps://t.co/3M600Qtk3K 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET RC have recorded their version of the poem and have said who in their lives make them smile. @ABAonlinehttps://t.co/qi3WY8acBP 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Our attendance leaderboard after today’s updates. #beintowin #themoreyoucomethemoreyoulearn https://t.co/kWlXT8ZmJs 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4T have performed a very smiley recording of the poem. @ABAonline #AntiBullyingWeek #tmet https://t.co/7zpx4ZFGIb 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET Even our children who have moved on to secondary school are performing the poem! Here is our Head Girl from last ye… https://t.co/ZhVpnqSwJL 6 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3C have been performing the poem all over the school! @ABAonline #AntiBullyingWeek #tmet https://t.co/c4ZNrirO8v 6 days ago