Welcome To North Mead Primary Academy

As Principal, I would like to welcome you to our Academy. I hope that you will feel North Mead Primary Academy is the Academy you wish to choose for your child. We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at North Mead and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

Ofsted Report now available

North Mead Primary Academy has been judged to be ‘Good’ during an inspection by Ofsted in July 2018.  Please click here to read the full report, and contact the school office if you require a paper copy.

  • Alex Curran, Principal
  • Ben Burpitt, Head of School

Academy Tweets

NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3A have learnt about cyber security and how important it is to protect our digital footprints and personal informat… https://t.co/qsiVcHRlZR 4 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET RT @TMET_PrimaryInt: @NorthMead_TMET Windy morning at Beacon Hill however pupil persevered! This pupil showed great courage and character t… 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4S's #PSHCE & @votesforschools team book is getting fuller. They spent time this week being #reflective learners &… https://t.co/4VjB9yU4RR 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1N used their #concentration muscles in #computing today when using the 2Go tool to give simple instructions. 💙… https://t.co/9vfHiAF6z6 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1S used their #imagination muscles in their @votesforschools lesson whilst thinking about what it would be like to… https://t.co/DYJPxY2RTH 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 2R have been developing their #oracy skills when debating whether they'd holiday in space. They were #makinglinks w… https://t.co/ARXrYpCoW7 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1N had a fun #science lesson today. They researched by collecting data on our class pets. They then used a tally ch… https://t.co/yAwLJByvkz 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET NL have been exploring patterns and colours in connection with our new story, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. 💙… https://t.co/A8P3fHlngw 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3HW have been busy writing the Hindu story of 'The God and The Wicked Witch' using their new knowledge of inverted… https://t.co/Rhgg1FRCPo 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET In #PE, RP have been learning different ways of moving together with a partner. 💙 #cooperation #tmet https://t.co/AibXPUfLSe 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3HW have been full of #enthusiasm in this week’s Daily Boost sessions. This young athlete has really #persevered wi… https://t.co/m8Xsmlha47 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET In #maths this morning, 2E have been using their #problemsolving muscles to equally share out sweets and write some… https://t.co/eEMQ8pKe6s 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 5J are getting really good at learning their colours in #French and at saying these with the correct pronunciation!… https://t.co/61rt5jxiFr 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This child in 6M showed #creativity with her skipping today during Daily Boost. 😃💙 #tmet https://t.co/gj7oum0yMU 5 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET These superstars from RBD definitely deserved their golden stickers today for their impressive work on rhyming word… https://t.co/KWRc6UK0pt 7 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET These children in RBD have used their speaking and listening skills amazingly well during their first 'Ask the Expe… https://t.co/rdIboxl0MA 7 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3A have been learning about what nutrients they get from the different food groups and why it's important to eat a… https://t.co/6yv61JaXh6 7 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET The children in 2R have been using their #concentration muscles as they make a brilliant start to their writing out… https://t.co/x9VnkdbZND 7 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 5T did themselves proud today at The Y Theatre performing their 'Loving Laughing' acts. ❤️ They used their… https://t.co/DL039KEG57 7 days ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 6H exercised their #curiosity character muscles when they had a closer look at the heart they dissected as part of… https://t.co/00lOSlHQPH 7 days ago