Child Missing from Education

A Child Missing From Education forms part of the wider LSCB procedures ( for children who go missing from School, Home, Care Education and includes ‘Families who go missing.’

A pupil missing from education on several occasions is a potential indicator of abuse and neglect.

Should a pupil go missing from our school, our Attendance Officer will inform the Principal/VicePrincipals and contact the Educational Welfare Service. The Principal will consider further actions and/or support should it be required and to ensure they help identify the any risk of abuse and neglect, including sexual exploitation and to help prevent the risks of them going missing in future.

If a child is no longer coming to our school where the parent/carer has removed them, we will ensure that appropriate steps are taken and measures are in place, e.g. we will follow our school guidelines in monitoring those parents/carers who are home tutoring in line with support from the Educational Welfare Service; follow procedures where a child is taken out of school to go on holiday; and ensure the relevant safeguarding checks are made when a child is removed from school as the family are moving away.

We will notify all relevant partner agencies/services including Education Welfare, correct forms will be completed, information will be recorded, and child folders/information will be passed on to the appropriate person (where applicable).