At North Mead we follow the Ruth Miskin Literacy (Read Write Inc) programme which develops communication, language, and literacy skills in a systematic and structured way. We believe that teaching phonics is the best way for children to become confident readers and writers. In Reception, children receive a phonics lesson every day where they learn which sound each letter makes and how to build these into words. Children are taught to write unknown words: stretch out the word (segmenting) so they can write a letter for each sound. To read unknown words, children learn to say each sound they can see and then blend them together (blending) to read to whole word.

High frequency words are taught in the order on the long-term plan and have been carefully sequenced to allow maximum impact on children’s reading and give children quick success in Ditty Books and Benchmarked levelled books. To encourage a love of books in EYFS, we use a book rich curriculum. Children also access a wide range of high-quality books to take home and read.