Personal Development

At North Mead, we aim to provide our children with an exceptional personal development offer. Our children experience a wide, rich set of enrichment activities that are designed to support their learning, increase their cultural capital as well as develop their talents and interests. We do not charge parents for these experiences, so that all children can access them. This is backed up by free wraparound care, with a daily breakfast club, where we provide breakfast and activities and our range of after school clubs.

We develop our children’s character through the use of our Team Tactics, these are the basis for the excellent relationships in school, as well as embedding positive learning behaviours in our children. Our Teams Tactics, coupled with our bespoke PSHCE curriculum, enables us to develop our children into healthy and responsible citizens, who understand the core British values and protected characteristics, so that they are ready to succeed in modern Britain.

In addition, we have a strong graduated response to our pastoral offer. We have an extensive universal offer as well as a wide range of targeted support which is delivered by our Removing Barriers Team. Our Removing Barriers Team consists of our Principal, Attendance Officer, full time Family Support Worker, full time ELSA, our Vice Principal who is responsible for inclusion and our Vice Principal who is responsible for behaviour and attitudes.

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