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Who should I contact?

A concern or query about your child

First go to the class teacher.

Class teachers are available at the beginning and end of most days without an appointment, however if you want more time please make an appointment with the teacher directly or through the academy office.

The next step is a Phase Leader

Available at the beginning or end of most days or make an appointment through the academy office.

Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1

(Phase One)

Ms R. Pattni


Years 2, 3 and 4

(Phase Two)

Ms V. Reid


Years 5 and 6

(Phase Three)

Ms S. Adatia


The next step is to get in touch with a member of the Senior Leadership Team

Vice Princpal

Mr J. Wharin


Mr B. Burpitt


A concern about Special Educational Needs and Disability


Ms S. Buxton


Family Support

Ms J. Hurst

Academy Office

If you are not sure which member of staff you need to speak to, please contact the academy office via telephone on 0116 276 7761 and speak to any of the following members of staff, who will be happy to help:

Ms I. Chaudhry

Ms J. Price

Ms Z. Meman

Ms M. Johnson

Drop in and Chat

You can drop in and chat with Mr Burpitt or Mr Wharin without an appointment on days that they are in school between 8.45am and 9.00am. Just ask at the academy office.


Please use this page to find the relevant contact information for the Academy. If you need an urgent answer, we recommend that you contact the school via telephone. Details can be found below. Otherwise, please use the form below to get a response.

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