Mental Health

Our staff are aware that mental health problems can, in some cases, be an indicator that a child has suffered or is at risk of suffering abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Only appropriately trained professionals should attempt to make a diagnosis of a mental health problem. Staff, however, are well placed to observe children day-to-day and identify those whose behaviour suggests that they may be experiencing a mental health problem or be at risk of developing one.

Where children have suffered abuse and neglect, or other potentially traumatic adverse childhood experiences, this can have a lasting impact throughout childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. It is key that staff are aware of how these children’s experiences, can impact on their mental health, behaviour and education.

If staff have a mental health concern about a child that is also a safeguarding concern, immediate action should be taken and be reported to the Removing Barriers Team.

North Mead Primary Academy has a graduated response to Mental Health. This is a three-tier approach:

  1. Universal Offer – our whole school provision, centred around unconditional positive regard.
  2. Selected Support – Full time ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), Family Support Worker, Safeguarding Lead on call every day
  3. Targeted Support – access to MHST, Leicester City SEMH Team, Educational Psychologists, Supporting families to refer to CAMHs

Our Family Support Worker and ELSA can sign post families to other services that offer support.