At North Mead Primary Academy, we believe in the importance of science: nurturing curiosity and creativity. Through a combination of investigative skills and practical activities, children will develop an understanding of the world in which we live, the journey of science and its importance for the future. We believe that building children’s science capital is vital to help broaden both experiences and opportunities for our pupils.

Science is taught discretely following the national curriculum.

Key Principles of Science:

Teaching and learning in science is successful at North Mead Primary Academy when…

  • Children experience inspiring science which engages and motivates them
  • Children are catalysts in their own learning
  • Lessons link to the children’s lives and experiences to build science capital
  • All children can make new discoveries through practical investigations
  • Children are able to use and apply scientific vocabulary and skills effectively
  • There is a progression of skills across the school
  • Cross-curricular links are made to deepen understanding
  • Learning prompts as many questions as answers
  • Blooms Taxonomy is used to stretch and challenge and to develop scientific reasoning
  • Children have opportunities to work independently and collaboratively
  • Our outdoor environment is used as an effective tool for learning
  • A range of resources, such as IT, are used to enhance and support learning

See our Science knowledge organisers for more information.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Leader/s

Mrs K. Holland